Father's Day

September 3, 2018

I am definitely a daddy’s girl. Since I can remember whenever things would not be going well with mum (because I didn’t listen to her) I would go running to dad and be embraced with loving arms. I am always quick to jump to dad’s defence in an argument and he will always take my side. As much as people tell me I look like my mum I think it is fair to say that most of my personality is my dad.



My dad is someone who is extremely routine driven. Every night since I was a child, right after dinner (much to mum’s dismay) dad will prepare his breakfast for the following morning. It consists of perfectly measured out oats, yogurt, frozen berries, cacao, chia seeds (he is starting to get adventurous) and peanut butter. He will also prepare his coffee for the next day. Dad wakes up at exactly the same time every day, during the week (6am) and on the weekends (7am). He wonders mindlessly to the fridge, retrieves his breakfast, and sits on the couch to watch the news. I have learnt not to interrupt this ritual. He will never say anything but I can sense his tension and frustration if I put on the blender or wash the dishes. As much as his little routines drive me insane I am much the same. I like having everything prepared in the fridge. I like to do things at particular times and can’t stand it when I am out of routine… especially when it comes to meal time.


Dad and I definitely share the same characteristics of intense hunger (hanger) when we haven’t eaten when we normally would have. First is the irritability, followed by the intense blows of frustration to show others around us that we are hungry, then comes the “did I mention I’m hungry.” Many uninspired trips to the fridge and a bag of carrots later and we are ready to eat our own arms. Trying to have dinner ready by the time dad gets home from work is usually the top goal.


My family and I moved around quite a bit when I was young, most of the time for dad’s work. We moved to Sydney when I was five which was huge for my family. As much as I can always remember dad going away for work, I also remember how much he did cherish the time he was at home. He would take us to the park to fly a kite, cook for us, take us to the movies on school holidays, bring us home a coffee after his morning meeting and always be up for a brunch date. He has always made his relationship with mum and us his priority and for that we are so grateful.


Now something that can’t go unmentioned when we are talking about dad is his shopping addiction. At least once a week he will receive a package of some kind of clothing, footwear or accessories. Whether it is a new pair of jeans, a shirt or a cap his wardrobe is forever expanding. I question when he is doing all his online shopping. When he gets dressed he will always come downstairs to the full length mirror and spend at least two minutes in front of it checking himself out from every angle. He always takes pride in his appearance. Even his at home tracksuit pants are fashionable!!


Dad’s expensive taste means that usually Luke, Lil, mum and I will have to go in on a present together for his birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day. Among his finest gifts are his apple watch, countless pairs of runners, Calibre shirts and just yesterday a pair of Timberlands. I find it really hard to buy presents for people sometimes. I can never think of something thoughtful that I know they will love. Dad is the exception, at least two months before an occasion where he will be the centre of attention he has sent us the link, an image and size to the present he has his eye on.




Unfortunately, over the years his body has gotten older. His knees and back are no longer 21, much to his disappointment. Despite this dad still goes for his morning runs every Saturday and Sunday morning. When he gets back he is a panting mess. It amazes me how much he can physically push himself and persevere through injury (though I wouldn’t recommend this). The drive he has to run is something that follows him in every facet of his life. If he wants to achieve something and he puts his mind to it he will ALWAYS achieve it. He is an intentional goal setter, something I really admire. I can’t tell you how many career driven chats I have had with him. He is so real with himself and others about their goals and always has a plan on how to make them happen. Even if he doesn’t necessarily agree with a path I am taking he will always be supportive.



The support I have received (emotional not just financial) throughout my life is something I will never be able to thank him enough for. He has helped me through countless problems, stressful times at work, with friendships and even when I am just feeling down on myself. He sees the potential in me even before I can. He will be the first one to point out my stupidity and the first to jump at my defence if anyone else dare say anything.


Seeing my dad happy really is an incredible thing. He will practically be bouncing off the walls. His roars of laughter in Friends, Seinfeld, Brooklyn 99 and Sex and the City (yes you read that right) always make me laugh more than the joke. His ability (or inability) to quote so many TV shows and movies is something he always loves to show off at him and in public.


Dad really is such an important part of our family. When he travels interstate for work the house is always so quiet (because dad isn’t on phone hook-up) and kind of sad at night. It feels strange when he is not home watching the footy reruns or some new TV show he discovered while travelling. We all love him so much and appreciate everything he does for our family. He really is one in a million.


Father’s Day 2018

Father’s Day this year was so beautiful. The morning started with breakfast at Fortgreen on High Street, Northcote, with dad and Bruno. Dad was craving an acai bowl (just for something a bit different) and we heard that the one at Fortgreen was amazing. He was definitely happy with his acai bowl and Coffee and Co smoothie. I was definitely satisfied with my bircher museli that was topped with coyo and poached fruit. The conversation at breakfast was so lovely, such a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.


After breakfast we each got ourselves a coffee, picked up mum and went to Windy Hill to watch my brother in his footy final. Zio and my cousin also joined us which was so lovely. We sat in the freezing cold chatting, mum and dad passionately shouting and poor Luke working his butt off on the field. Unfortunately the boys best efforts weren’t enough yesterday.


In the afternoon we relaxed at home, had something light to eat and gave dad his Father’s Day present. He was so excited about the Timberlands. As soon as he opened up the box he immediately removed his shoes and tried them on. To no one’s surprise he walked straight to the full length mirror to check himself out. Happy to report that the shoes were a successful choice (points for Lil and I).


I was so fortunate this year to have another beautiful family to spend Father’s Day with. Getting to know Bruno’s dad and nonno over the last year has been such a blessing. They are both such strong and driven people who have made me feel so welcome in their family. For dinner we had lasagne, roast pork and breadcrumbed eggplant (soooo delicious). After dinner we ate the last castagne (chestnuts) of the season, which honestly makes me so sad, and fresh fruit. That wasn’t all… The food coma was already so real and then came out the dessert. Oh my goodness it was amazing. Homemade cheesecake, Maria’s rocky road, pastry parcels filled with Nutella and peanut butter, lemon and ricotta biscotti and chocolate and peanut butter rocky road. What started as a piece of cheese cake turned into multiple returns to the table to try everything! I brought the biscotti (recipe curtesy of Laura in the Kitchen - http://www.laurainthekitchen.com/recipes/ricotta-cookies/ ) and the chocolate and peanut butter rocky road (keep your eyes out on Wednesday).




The night ended with laughter around the table. I can’t help but smile when I am at nonno’s house. Seeing everyone happy and chatting all together is something so special. Family is at the centre of my heart so occasions that bring everyone together are something magical to me.


Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dad’s out there, I don’t know what we would do without you!!


Here are some of my favourite photos of dad, my nonnos and our family!









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