Coming back to the ‘why’

November 12, 2018

So I am not going to lie, yesterday I was a grumpy bum. I would firstly like to apologise to the poor people I live with for my shocking mood and little snaps. I knew things weren’t right when I woke up. The sun was shining so bright into my room and the house was loud. I had an assignment to finish off so I knew I had to get up and couldn’t just spend the morning lounging around in bed.


I had my assignment all done and just about ready for submission at eleven. I was still feeling a bit crappy so I decided I would step away from the laptop and go for a walk. I put on my favourite podcast (The Health Code – it is seriously so funny) and got myself moving. I returned home an hour later and the feeling was still there. I wasn’t going to let it stand in the way of getting things done so I started my weekly meal preparation. Things got a bit chaotic when a few more people joined the kitchen and the preparation wasn’t so smooth sailing. I got worked up and emotional over goodness knows what (fairly certain I just dropped a bean on the floor). So I finished what I was doing, made some lunch and headed upstairs. I worked on my assignment a bit and then the googling started…


I simply typed in “how to get out of a grumpy mood” … well I can safely say that nearly every website said “work out what is bothering you.” Not really helpful information when you’re not in a great mood and just want to fix it.


My boyfriend and his family were going Go Karting yesterday afternoon at about five. I wasn’t planning on going because I know that I need to be studying for my upcoming exams. The very thought of that made me a little bit upset and then the reason why I was grumpy hit me…


Now don’t get me wrong, I love studying. I am a conscientious person with a passion for learning (in other words, I am a bit of a nerd). I am reaching the finish line of my sixth year of tertiary study and I’d be lying if I said I still have the same amount of enthusiasm as I did in my first year. I love that my life is busy, I am always on the go, and am always working on a project or two BUT from time to time I do crave a bit of simplicity. I know that I am responsible for my own choices and that no one forces me to push myself the way that I do. I am also responsible of taking care of myself and when I noticed how bottled up and grumpy I was yesterday I knew that I had failed to do that.


While I was in this whirlwind of thought, I glanced over a book on my desk titled “Start with why”. Then it hit me, I had forgotten my “why.” I have spoken about my “why” in a previous post so I will keep this brief. I, and many others, believe that in order to be successful in anything you’re doing you need to have a “why.” This is your REASON for doing what you do. It is the thing that lies at the core of all your decisions and it sets the foundation for your goals and aspirations. ‘Sarah’s Day’ is one of my favourite YouTubers and in the podcast I was ironically listening to yesterday her and her boyfriend discussed the importance of knowing “why.” She described the “why” as the tree trunk and that over time it can grow branches and leaves to expand, but it is always the trunk that remains the foundation to what you do.


My “why” for starting this blog is to inspire women to love and respect the incredible bodies they have with nourishing food, positive daily habits and routines, positive and uplifting relationships and a great deal of self-love and appreciation. One of the branches I have decided to grow is earning myself a degree to practice as a Nutritionist. I knew it was something I needed and wanted to do to be better informed about what I want to teach and how I am going to help and empower others. Another branch was getting a job within the field. The job I currently have has been the most challenging, most mentally exhausting and most rewarding. Another branch is sharing posts and recipes with you (by far my favourite branch of all).


Unfortunately over the past few weeks I have let my favourite branch go a bit neglected. I contemplated shutting it down for a few weeks to study for my exams and move house. To be honest though, the thought of shutting it down got me the most upset of all. I genuinely look forward to writing on the blog and getting creative in the kitchen, why should I put that on hold?


My mum has always told me that it doesn’t matter how amazing your grades are, what matters is the way you are in practice. When I stop and think of the kind of practitioner and educator I want to be it doesn’t entail me having outstanding grades. It requires me being compassionate, dedicated, responsive, understanding, empathetic, creative and passionate. As a born nerd I like to do well in what I do. But you know what, at this point of my study I am just looking forward to being able to use the knowledge I have learned to help others. This isn’t about me, this is about helping others.


After this realisation, and overhearing a hilarious conversation with nonna over the phone, I snapped out of it. I got myself back in the kitchen and used up all my bottled creativity that I had on hold. Roasted Carrot Houmous, Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bars and Hazelnut Chocolate Bars were all ready within an hour… and just in time for me to get myself dressed and be at Go Karting by five.  


I came home feeling so much better and woke up feeling really motivated to dive into my exam study. I am aiming to do as well as I can without becoming a hermit crab and driving myself into the ground.


Sometimes going back to your “why” is all you need to gain some perspective on the reasons you do what you do. If there was no “why” or goal then we wouldn’t accomplish anything.


“You have two choices in life, when things get you down you can curl up and you can retreat or you can come out swinging and fight for it. It’s not always smooth sailing, that’s life, it is LIFE. But, no matter how hard it gets you can always fight your way out of it.” – Tiffany Hall, founder of TiffXO.  



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