Moving Madness

December 17, 2018

Last week is one that my family definitely won’t be forgetting in a hurry. As a child my family and I moved house a lot, however just after my 11th birthday in 2006 we settled in Moonee Ponds. It was a beautiful place to grow up in and the location was perfect. My brother and sister and I knew that it wasn’t the ‘dream house’ my parents had always wanted and that it was inevitable that we would move once more. They had been looking for a while before they fell in love with our gorgeous new house. It is the perfect balance of modern and classic.


When the house was purchased a few months ago I wasn’t really thinking much about the move because it was so far away. It was just something I knew was going to happen in the distant future. But as the weeks quickly went by it started to really sink in that we were leaving the house that has been so stable for us for last 12 years.


Obviously over the course of 12 years we accumulated a lot of stuff. A couple of months ago we hired a giant skip to get rid of as many things as we could. I couldn’t believe the size of the skip when I saw it and thought mum was a little crazy to think that we would have enough to fill it. Well, I was wrong about that. Over the course of a weekend we filled it to the brim and still had lots of other things that didn’t fit! It was so funny reminiscing over the things we had found and looking at old artwork from school. If I thought that weekend was tiring, I am going to need to come up with another vocabulary for what last week was for us.


The actual moving process began at seven o’clock on Wednesday morning. We had two removal trucks come to the house and immediately start loading our things. Mum and my sister went straight to the new house to get it all clean and I drove back and forth from both houses loading and unloading things that weren’t going to go in the removal trucks. Christmas music blasting, stress levels high, the sun blaring, it was mayhem all around. I was doing alright until dad asked me to drive his BMW to the house …. Something I should have never been trusted to do. Anyone who knows me would know that giving me keys to the BMW is a risk. I can proudly say that the car made it in one piece.


We were joined shortly after by my brothers girlfriend who worked tirelessly alongside my mum and sister to have the house in pristine condition. I unfortunately had to go to work at 11. When I was driving home I thought I would pop by the old house to check on my cat and take a couple of things to the new house. Much to my surprise my brother, boyfriend, sister and my brother's girlfriend had the same idea. We loaded four cars and took them back to the new house.





After a much needed dinner break my brother and my boyfriend went to the near impossible task of assembling my parent’s new bed. I vividly recall walking past the room at one stage and hearing Bruno say “why are these instructions in Spanish!!” Other times I would walk past and hear the two of them bickering about their interpretation of the instructions. The reason I walked past the room so many times was to unload all four of the vehicles that had come from the old house. My brothers girlfriend and I walked up and down the stairs countless times to get everything inside before the expected downpour of rain. Let’s just say I have a lot of faith in humanity. I constantly left cars unlocked and wallets in visible places when I really shouldn’t have!


Spot the Bruno...


By one o’clock in the morning we were all about done so we went to bed. I didn’t sleep at all the first night in the house. The next day I have to say I was semi excited for. Aside from the fact I was absolutely exhausted, I got to rearrange the kitchen! Mum and I had been collecting jars for the last couple of months and I got so excited to fill them with everything for the pantry. My smoothie cupboard is something of dreams!! I have all my smoothie necessities and toppings all in the one place (I should have done that a long time ago).


I spent the afternoon working tirelessly upstairs to sort all my clothes and organise my bathroom. I also had to go and do a supermarket shop because our fridges were literally empty.


Over the course of the weekend we tied some more loose ends and made sure most things were all unpacked so we could start our lives at this house with a clean house and garage.


My parents are both such legends! The way that we have been going the last few days it is a wonder where they are getting all of their energy from. My sister, brother, his girlfriend and my boyfriend have all literally been the best support and the fun of the week. Constantly making jokes and just starting to make the house feel like a home. Thank you to my nonna for washing all of the dishes so that we could start the house with everything clean and my zio’s and godfather for making sure everything in the house actually worked and for keeping my parents sane! I have no idea how my parents did all of this when we were all under the age of five!


There is one important of the family that I haven’t really spoken much about, the cat. My sister and I went to pick her up and take her to the new house on Thursday. She is actually so terrified. I am not even sure she recognised us when she first got to the new place. She ran around looking for ways to break out (windows, doors, chimneys). We are finding her in the most obscure places. She has currently befriended my sister’s doll named ‘Kitty.’ We are sure that she will adjust to the move soon just as we will.



When I went back to the old house the other day it didn’t feel like home anymore. Everything was stripped bare. It was strange coming to the new house and even just after a couple of days it already felt like home. That is because home is so many more than the walls of the house, it is the people and the energy. Even though there were definitely moments when we all wanted to kill each other, we didn’t and have come out so much closer and stronger on the other side.


I am so excited to have our first Christmas in this house and for the many memories that will be made here. I am so proud of my beautiful family and am so thankful for them and everything they do. Getting to spend time with them all together in our new house is going to be the best Christmas gift of them all!




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