One Year of Gel’s Life

February 7, 2019

I actually can’t believe I have been posting on my blog for almost ONE YEAR! When I first started my blog I just thought of it as my own forum to share my day to day life and recipes. It was a test to see if I could commit to posting a recipe and a blog post once a week. I didn’t think I would be creative enough to constantly come up with new content, I have definitely surprised myself.


I am constantly reading recipe books and listening to podcasts to get inspiration for posts I can share with you. I want all the nutritional and wellness information you need to be all together for you so that you can access it at anytime, anywhere. I have lots of ideas in my head of how I want to present the content to you. Some of it involves video and others involve written content.


The tricky thing about sharing content online, particularly when it comes to nutrition, is that it is always evolving. New research is being released everyday telling us what we should and shouldn’t be eating. Every new piece of information leads to the next ‘fad.’ I honestly don’t believe in following a trend. Every person has a different body that requires different food to fuel it and allow it to flourish.


Listening to a variety of doctors, nutritionists and other health advocates has taught me so much about the importance of looking at the needs of the individual. Consider the following two hypothetical characters:

Joel: A 24-year-old lawyer. He works fulltime in an office in the city. He lives with his family. He has footy training for two hours twice a week and a game on Sunday. He trains in the gym every day for an hour before work. Joel weighs 85kg.

Martha: A 23-year-old full-time university student. Works part-time as a waitress. She lives in a university share house. She has lectures three days a week. She trains at the gym twice a week and walks every other day.  Martha weighs 62kg.


These two people are very different. They have different lifestyles, they have different body composition, different work life and very different training style. Do you think that these two people should be on the exact same diet? Do you think if they both ate the same food every day that it would have the same effect on each of them?


Unfortunately, the multimillion dollar diet industry does not recognise the difference between these two individuals. Instead, they advocate that the same plan would work for anyone.


I don’t stick to one diet for myself. I incorporate elements of the Mediterranean, Palaeolithic and Vegan diets into one that works for me.  For years I tried to stick to just one of them. However, I have found the greatest benefit to my body is to have a combination of the three. It allows me to eat the food from my Italian culture, embrace plant based meals and enjoy meat and fish. It works for ME.


It is important to recognise that not everyone wants to dedicate their life to food and health. I have a lot of intolerances so I have had to allow my health to be a focus for me so that I can live the healthiest life I can and feel great. There is great temptation to have someone prepare my food and decide what I am going to have for dinner. However, I think it is imperative to acknowledge that a generic diet has not been designed specifically for me and my needs.


Culture, work, time and family all influence what I eat. Living in a house with four other people, I can report with confidence that we don’t all have the same tastebuds and we don’t all have the same metabolism. We all like different things, we all engage in different activities. It is near impossible to please everyone every night.


This year I really want to the focus of my recipes to be around family. I am designing recipes that are easy to make and easy to adapt to suit your needs and the needs of your family. I endeavour to post recipes with suggestions down below of certain modifications that can be made.


I never want to post here and suggest that everyone eats like me. To be honest I encourage everyone who follows me to share the way they eat and why so that I can continue learning. I was listening to something extremely fascinating a few weeks ago on the Joe Rogen Experience podcast. He interviewed Mikhaila Peterson. Mikhaila has an autoimmune disease and can only eat red meat. Her carnivore diet has facilitated so much discussion amongst doctors, nutritionists and many others within the health and wellness community. Putting aside the long term implications and environmental arguments, the bottom line is that she is feeling good for the first time in her life. Who am I or anyone else to take that away from her?


Shifting the focus of health from ‘weight loss’ to ‘feeling good’ is really going to be a centre point in my posts. Learning about different vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics and antioxidants is fascinating for me and has inspired me to share my new knowledge with others. I want to share content that is interesting and informative for my readers. I also want to continue to share my own personal struggles and successes to show that I am human, and that I really do care about the people that are following along my journey.


I am so excited to see what 2019 will bring and as always I encourage you to ask questions and share any pictures and recipes with me!




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