My Top 10 Favourite Podcasts

August 29, 2019

It will come as no surprise to anyone who follows me on Instagram that I am absolutely podcast obsessed. I used to only listen to them on long walks or on the tram. However, over the past few months they have managed to creep into my gym sessions, the kitchen when I am cooking and into my car. There are hundreds and hundreds of podcasts out there all with their own purpose. I tend to mix up what I am listening to depending on how closely I am following a story or what has peaked my interest for that day.


Personally I love the podcasts that are like a chat with a friend and when it feels like you are part of the conversation. There are so many things that I am interested in so it can be really nice to feel like part of the discussion. I am a health and food nut but when I first started listening to podcasts I was all about the crime. I absolutely love listening to criminal investigations (it makes my inner law graduate very happy). As time has gone on I have dipped my toes into entrepreneurial, finance, nutrition, health, fitness and some that are just downright hilarious podcasts. There is definitely one for everyone.


I am going to keep this post fairly short. I have put together a list of my current top 10 podcasts. I have also included a few particular episodes within those podcasts that I have really loved. Now I know many of you are probably thinking “how on earth do you have time to listen to so many?” The truth is that I am consuming the content passively while I am doing something else. You will be surprised how much time you have when you are commuting or simply folding the clothes to get a few minutes in. So without further ado here are my top ten:



Seize the Yay


This podcast can literally be summed up in the words that begin every podcast. “Busy and happy are not the same thing. We too really question what makes the heart sing. We work then we rest, but rarely we play and often don’t realise there is more than one way. So this is a platform to hear and explore, the stories of those who found lives they adore. The good, bad and ugly. The best and worst days. We’ll bare all the facets of seizing your yay.” Seize the Yay is hosted by lawyer turned entrepreneur (“funtrepreneur”) Sarah Holloway. In every episode she interviews interesting and inspiring men and women on their lives and how they got to be where they are now. The content is light hearted but incredibly insightful. I personally love hearing the journey of people I admire. Sarah’s infectious giggle makes the podcast such a joy to listen to. it is impossible to choose a favourite episode but here are five I highly recommend:


1. Osher Gunsberg // Back after the break

2. Agapi Stassinopoulos // Waking up to the joy of you

3. Pana Barbounis // The global chocolate pana-demic

4. Megan Gale // Modelling, motherhood and mindfulness

5. Mark Wales // From the battlefield to business, babies and Bear Gryll’s challenge


Food for Thought


With so much conflicting information in the media about nutrition we need someone to set the record straight. Registered London Nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert, helps her listeners decipher fact from fiction on all the latest health trends. She talks about heart health, gluten intolerance, sugar addiction, fitness myths, protein intake, allergies, eating disorders and so much more. Every week she has a new expert on to discuss the weekly topic. Nutrition involves a lot of science and biology, this podcast explains things in a really simple way while not depriving listeners of the facts they need to know. Five I would highly recommend you check out are:


1. Nutrition Lies in the Headlines

2. Beating the World’s Biggest Killer

3. What to Feed Children

4. Are You Eating Enough Protein?

5. Living with Eating Disorders


Deliciously Ella


If you are at all interested in overall health and wellbeing this is the podcast for you. Covering topics such as body acceptance, sustainability, sleep, love, mindfulness and happiness there is no end to the wealth of knowledge you can gain. The episodes are hosted by British food writer and entrepreneur, Ella Mills, and her business partner and husband Mathew Mills. All of the Deliciously Ella podcasts are a delight to listen to. It has opened up my eyes to so many conversations that I would not have otherwise heard discussed. Again many of their episodes have an expert co-host with them to provide the most accurate and informative information for listeners. This is the perfect podcast for an afternoon walk, it will leave you feeling so uplifted. Some of my favourite episodes are:


1. Who, Why and How We Love

2. How Our Food Affects Our Mood

3. Period Power

4. Livia Firth on Sustainable Fashion

5. How to Get a Balanced Vegan Diet


The Health Code


One of my favourite YouTubers is Sarahs_Day so when she said that she was starting a podcast with her boyfriend Kurt I was beyond excited. They discuss all things health, fitness, lifestyle, sustainability and relationships. The chemistry between the two of them is amazing. I often find myself in fits of laughter listening (quite embarrassing on public transport). They are so relatable and take on even the most difficult topics in a really positive way. I have so many favourites but here are some to check out:


1. Are you training hard enough!? Embarrassing Poop Story & Relationship Drama

2. Discussing All Things: Cravings, Cheat Meals, Alcohol and Life Updates

3. Our Relationship, Flings, Rebounds, Breakups and Playas! It’s Story Time!

4. How to Find Your Dream Job – Kurt’s Path to Becoming a Content Creator

5. Relationships & Bad Influences! How do your Friends, BF/GF & Family Effect Your Life


Who the hell is Hamish?


Hosted by Journalist of The Australian, Greg Bearup, this podcast explores and shares the devastating stories of those effected by serial conman Hamish Watson. This podcast will leave you constantly wanting more. Greg interviews many of Hamish’s victims and the impact that he had on their lives. This podcast goes from the very beginning right through to Hamish’s court case and sentencing this year.


The James Smith Podcast 


This is another podcast that I really shouldn’t listen to in public because my fits of laughter are uncontrollable. James Smith is a personal trainer who is brutally honest about the fitness industry and isn’t afraid to rip into all the fitness myths. He provides a really realistic approach to fitness and helps his listeners navigate their way past all the supplements, steroids and diet lies along the way. He is also a living example of someone who doesn’t let their past define their future. He has gone through so many career ups and downs and has really come full circle which is so inspiring to listen to. Episodes I would highly recommend are:


1. Who is James Smith PT?

2. “Influencer” Marketing

3. Sleep, Stress, Sex, Relationships & Motivation…

4. Mental Wealth

5. #1 James Smith & Diren Kartal




Maddie is a true crime podcast investigation by Nine News. It investigates all the available evidence of the Madeleine McCann disappearance that occurred in Portugal on May 3 in 2007. She is the world’s most famous missing person. I didn’t really follow the case too closely when it was all over the media years ago but the resurfacing of new evidence and theories made this podcast extremely interesting to listen to. I literally was struggling to wait week to week for the next episode to be released! The lingering questions of where she is and what happened still remain today. If you want to revisit this fascinating case definitely check this one out!





This is a fantastic health and wellness podcast hosted by entrepreneurs and co-founders of Keep it Cleaner, Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith. The girls are such great role models for young women and approach all their topics in a really positive way. They talk about so many topics concerning young people and provide really realistic tips to help navigate your way through health and fitness. My favourite episodes are:


1. Danny Kennedy: Why Women Shouldn’t Be Scared of Weights

2. The Evolution of Keep it Cleaner

3. Let’s Talk About Bullying

4. Fad Diets & Smart Shopping with Marika Day

5. KIIS FM’s PJ: How She Got There




This is one of my new weekly additions. This is the podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff. It is hosted by journalists Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald who are both so intelligent and have the most thought-provoking opinions on a number of pop culture topics. It amazes me that they can really dive into topics that on the surface don’t have much substance and give them a new and exciting twist. Discussing all things celebrities, the Bachelor, AFL, weddings and rumors you will be left ready to have a conversation with someone about what you heard. I listen to the podcast every Monday when it comes out because it is one of those podcasts that discuss topics that have been in the news in the last week. They also do an ‘in conversation’ episode every Thursday where they dive into the lives of successful people within the media industry. I definitely recommend the following episodes:


1. Examine your annoyance

2. Shredding for the wedding

3. The unruly rebellion of Miley Cyrus

4. Nadia Bartel and media bread-crumbing


Love etc.


I love all things love. Love etc is a podcast by Bumble Australia hosted by Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald. Love is a topic that I feel is not spoken about enough. In life we have the opportunity to form so many different relationships. Often within those relationships we face challenges and in order to move past them we need to talk about them. This podcast is unjudgemental and discusses so many topics and issues that I may not necessarily discuss with someone I know. A few stand out episodes are:


1. What’s your number?

2. Three women, three love stories

3. All of the flags

4. Are they enough?

5. Platonic love


There is a never ending supply of information out there for us to consume and for me this is the easiest way to do it! I think it is so incredible that we are fortunate enough to have some of the most reputable sources and experts just a click away! I also love that podcasts provoke thoughts and provide ideas and suggestions that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. Every night at dinner I will start a sentence with “so I was listening to a podcast today….”


The podcast community is so warm and I really enjoy sharing the things I have learnt with the people close to me. I am always interested in trying new podcasts so if you do have one that you are loving please share it on my Facebook Page or leave a comment on my Instagram. I am sure others would love a few more podcasts to add to their list too!





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