A new direction – Introducing ‘Uniquely Angelica’

October 9, 2019

I need to be honest. I love health and wellness, however, at the moment I need something separate from that as my creative output. As much as I love creating recipes and bringing nutritional content to you, I want to channel my energy somewhere new. There are so many recipes, health and fitness bloggers and posts about health and wellness out there. At this point I don’t think I am contributing any new or innovative information to the field.


I am a big believer that you should only do things that serve you and your purpose. When I started “Gel’s Life” I did so to help me recover from my eating disorder. I used it as a mechanism to hold myself accountable. I thought that if I began posting what I was doing, cooking and thinking that I would avoid falling back into my unhealthy relationship with food and my body. Looking back on it all it has definitely done that. I feel so much more confident in myself. I feel empowered and ready to take on the next challenge.


The other day I alluded to doing something a bit different on my blog. For a while I have been thinking about what I can do that would be of the most benefit to my readers. A common theme that I often talk about is being “uniquely you.” In my nutrition studies I am forever being reminded that we are all physiologically and biochemically unique. What will work to treat one patient will not benefit another. It is pretty incredible to think that you can take two people of the same gender with the same condition and have two completely different outcomes with the same treatment method. I think that is something that needs to be celebrated. Every beauty spot, pimple, birth mark, scar, hair type and skin texture is completely unique to us. I fear that we are entering into an age when we are all desiring to be the same that we are losing the essence of what it means to be ourselves.


In my own observations over the past few years I notice that we are not only biochemically unique, we are also unique in our thoughts and personality traits. We may share similar characteristics to those around us but the combination of traits we possess is individual to us.  


I have decided that my blog posts are going to be short little entries to share the lessons I am learning and the unique qualities I am finally embracing. From what I have heard from those older than me, your twenties are for making plenty of mistakes and hopefully learning from them. It is apparently the time when you start to really embrace your uniqueness. That is why I naming this series of posts "Uniquely Angelica" (originally I had planned to call this “Uniquely Gel” but mum suggested I use my full name to fully encapsulate me and I really like it!).


My idea is to use this platform is to celebrate the lessons, to provide support through the growth and to be someone you can relate to. There will still be recipes from time to time but I really want to change my dynamic and bring something new to the health space. I hope that by me opening up and sharing my vulnerabilities that I can inspire you to be your unique self.


I am still learning what it means to completely and whole heartedly accept myself and that is why I want to document this time. I want to showcase the uniqueness of those who I love and what it took for that person to accept that part of themselves.


If you have a story of finding yourself that you would like me to share please let me know. I think the power and beauty of this is going to be in seeing the growth in ourselves and those around us. Remember that when we are born we don’t dislike ourselves and our traits, that is learnt behaviour. It is time to take back the power and be truly and uniquely you.





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